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It's that time of year again Conscious Movement Entertainment is holding the annual "Back To School Jamboree 2012" on 7/28. If there are any Hairstylist in the ATL area available and would like to volunteer services for this event please contact Darryel Cme Richardson for more information. Thanks for your support in helping to Give back to the community.


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In 2006, Conscious Movement Entertainment, LLC founded H2H, Inc. H2H, which stands
for Here 2 Help, is a nonprofit organization(501c3) that focuses on bringing relief
and aid to the less fortunate in our communities and the world abroad. A list of H2H
events are as follows:

1.) YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW. This is an annual black history month event

conducted at schools and shelters to highlight the heroes of yesterday, today and


2.) MOTHERS DAY AT THE PARK. This is an annual BBQ/fun day for mothers and their

kids to play games, dance, eat, and have a good time at the park during the weekend

of mothers day.

3.) NIGHT WALK. This is a semi-annual event that entails H2H and it's affiliates

walking 2.5 miles and passing out items to every homeless person within that 2.5

mile distance. In June we prepare and pass out meals to the homeless. In December we

collect and pass out clothing items to the homeless to keep them warm during the


4.) BACK 2 SCHOOL JAMBOREE. This is an annual event that consist of H2H and it's

affilliates donating school supplies to kids who are in need. In addition to the

school supplies, we also prepare, cook and serve meals to the residents(contingent

upon if we're at a shelter), we play different board games, and hand out different

prices to the kids.

5.) FEED THE HUNGRY. This is an annual event conducted every Novemeber. During the

feed the hungry, we'll choose a shelter/facility in need to prepare food, cook, and

serve the residents a nice meal. In addition to the food, we also have different

musical/artistic performers to come out and entertain the residents with their


6.) HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY. This is an annual event conducted every December. During the

holiday giveaway, we'll choose a shelter/facility to prepare food, cook and serve

the residents. In addition to the food, we'll also have clothes that we've collected

from donors, to pass out to the residents. Performers and artist also come out to

this event to entertain the residents.

7.) DAY OF SERVICE. During this event, we choose an area where senior

citizens/handicapped lives, to clean their yard, inside their house, wash their

vehicles etc. We also conduct cleanups in dirty, highly polluted litered areas.

8.) WOMEN'S DAY. During this event we go to a shelter/facility to cater to the

women, by having women do their hair, giving them a manicure/pedicure, eyebrows,

talking to them providing them with resources for jobs, schools, housing etc, and

feeding them etc.

9.) MEN'S DAY. During this event, we go to a shelter/facility to cater to the men,

by having men cut their hair, playing board games, watching movies, having dialogue,

providing resources for jobs, schools, housing etc.

In addition to those reoccurring events, H2H also goes to schools, community centers

to conduct youthful debates, that allows the kids to express themselves and to be

heard by others. We mentor at different detention centers etc. H2H has been blessed

to assist families with getting furniture and household items upon their transition

from temporary housing.


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