Vocabulary Matters

  The Vocabulary Matters program is an initiative, that's comprised of three pillars, with three different objectives. The pillars are Character and Lifestyle,  Career Development, and Education.  The Character and lifestyle pillar is about being more mindful of the things and words that we speak. We want to redirect the narrative of student and adult conversations to be more empowering, uplifting,and positive. We believe that the words that we speak manifest in our actions. If we are speaking more positively, our behavior will reflect those words. This pillar is to emphasize the significance of being great citizens, and human-beings. 

 The second pillar is Career Development. This pillar focuses on being more articulate and eloquent when speaking to people in different settings and environments. Often times, our young people can't effectively express themselves in professional settings, such as college tours, career interviews, business meetings, or networking events. We aim to address those areas through etiquette classes, and workshops that are related to this pillar. 

  The third pillar is Education. This pillar was designed to illustrate the significance of vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and comprehension. We want to stress the idea that with increasing vocabulary and comprehension skills, individuals develop better reading and writing skills.  Which in turn, can greatly impact SAT, ACT, Milestone, and Gateway scores.  Better scores increases scholarship opportunities, which in turn, creates  opportunities for access to various post-secondary institutions and more.  

  The Vocabulary Matters program initiative has been instituted in multiple schools. Some of the things we would like to come out and talk to the students about are how they speak, the music they listen to, and the language that they hear being used.  I want to challenge them to expand their vocabulary daily.  In addition, we would love to speak to your PTA committee in attempts to get your staff, administration and parents onboard with the campaign.

This program initiative is believed to be a catalyst for a lifestyle change, not merely a fad 

Vocabulary Matters Videos