YKQT Videos

 The Young Kings and Queens Training program focuses on student and player development, life coaching and mentorship, to equip the students with the tools to be successful, in life and in the world sports.  

 We're training our Young Kings and Queens to be able to overcome adversity, and emphasize the importance of academics success and education, through Mentorship, Life Coaching, College Tours, Career Development, Workshops etc. 

 Teaching the fundamentals, and analyzing every aspect of their game, to help improve. In addition to basketball skills, we also go through strength and agility training, to ensure they're prepared to endure the physical contact, and to have the quickness and agility to get by defenders.  

YKQT Videos

H2H Inc, athletics and Vocabulary Matters Initiative, teams up with NBA vet, and #1 overall NBA draft pick in 1995, Joe Smith, at The Joe Smith Academy, to train our kids on the court, and in life, with education, and character and lifestyle.  

  This is a salute to my Queens and Youngs Queens. Watch Young Kings and Queens Training, Twins Edition.